Who we are

Schiavello & Co. is a group of professionals each with many years of experience in advising clients on top-level Italian legal matters, often with a cross-border element, and with competence in both transactional and litigation work. We are a one-stop shop in the areas in which we practice.

We advise on banking and finance law, civil law, commercial and corporate law, litigation and arbitration. We act for sophisticated Italian and non-Italian clients operating in a wide spectrum of industries, such as manufacturing, real estate and finance.

Where needed, we cover other areas of law by creating ad hoc teams with independent legal advisors who share our cultural, educational and professional background and who are, like us, committed to maintaining their professional independence.

Efficiency. We want our clients to feel in good hands and to provide them with legal advice which is designed to benefit them fully: we offer a tailor-made approach to our clients’ work, a high level of professional competence and top-notch quality, consistent with the best international practices. Our focus on quality is coupled with the flexibility of a lean structure, which allows us to manage costs very effectively as well.

Each matter we undertake is staffed by the appropriate number of professionals of suitable competence and seniority, with a view to serving the interests of our clients as well as possible.

Quality and experience. Many of the matters on which members of our team have worked have been recognised as milestone deals or cases. Our past experience enables us to serve our clients well in relation to their most complex legal problems. At the same time, we bring a very significant insight into Italian business practices and culture, which can be of considerable benefit to our non-Italian clients in particular, helping them in navigating an environment with which they may not be familiar and which can often be challenging.

Costs. We are committed to providing our clients with certainty on costs. We don’t use time-sheets, unless a client asks us to do so, and we agree fixed fees for any particular matter. We do not want our clients to have any surprises when it comes to costs.

We want to feel free to dedicate to our work the time we feel is necessary, without the pressure of having to charge clients by the hour, a model we feel is increasingly outdated.

But most of all, we want to help our clients achieve their goals because we know that our success is dependent on their success.