Who we are

We are a group of professionals sharing passion, proactivity, professional interests and solid expertise. Our size and working method allow us to manage efficiently and punctually the most complex transactions for selected clients operating in the real estate, banking, finance and industrial sectors.

Why Schiavello & Co?

We are free from the constraints of large law firms. We are independent and offer expertise and valuable solutions to a top-tier client base: banks, funds, companies, digital entrepreneurs, start-ups and innovative SMEs.

Our added value

We provide our clients with:

  • professionals with a highly qualified background, with complementary knowledge and experience;
  • a multi-practice approach, which we ensure, when necessary, by creating ad hoc teams with other independent professionals;
  • business solutions with a high level of innovation, attention for creativity and simplification;
  • an unconventional approach to time, efficiency, and customer care.

Thanks to the strategic alliance with Studio Legale Bastianini Carnelutti, we operate from two hubs, Rome and Milan, in order to better interact with our clients.

We share with Studio Legale Bastianini Carnelutti expertise, vision and goals. The combination of our complementary practices structurally and strategically enriches the spectrum of our services.


Our approach is tailor-made. In the analysis, structuring and drafting of each transaction, we involve the necessary number of professionals, with the appropriate know-how to provide the client with a targeted service of excellent quality and high added value.

Building result-based solutions

We use the full range of our experience in handling complex transaction – often milestone deals – and our knowledge of business and multicultural dynamics, to work with ease on even the most structured and demanding operations.

A timesheet-free approach

We make sure that our clients can accurately forecast the costs of our services with no surprises. We have chosen not to use the timesheet, unless the client asks for it. Why? We want to feel free to spend the necessary amount of time on every project without the pressure of an “hourly rate” that is no longer recognised by the market.  We in fact believe that in order to achieve outstanding results, it is important to be able to dedicate to each matter the necessary amount of time and energy.