Studio Legale Bastianini Carnelutti and Schiavello & Co Studio Legale: a new alliance is born

The two legal boutiques combine skills and experiences, creating a strategic synergy that significantly enriches the offer of their services within a broad multidisciplinary framework.

The alliance represents a first phase of a wider strategic and inclusive project, aimed at seeing a progressive integration between the two Law Firms according to a logic of gradual local development.

Complementary skills, vision and common goals played a central role in fostering the genesis of the project.

The two law firms include several lawyers and offices in Milan and Rome. The well-established network of correspondent law firms around the world ensures that clients have access to excellent professional services on a cross-border basis.

The two firms represent – each with its own peculiarities – two realities that are perhaps unique in the panorama of international firms. The combination of talent, reliability, flexibility, and the previous experience of both founders in large international firms ensures impeccable legal assistance in terms of quality, customization, and responsiveness.

Studio Legale Bastianini Carnelutti, headquartered in Milan, was founded in 2018 by Nicolò Bastianini Carnelutti, nephew of Professor Francesco Carnelutti, the distinguished jurist and precursor of modern law. The BC firm employs experienced lawyers to provide its clients with a variety of legal services in corporate law, M&A, competition law and industrial law, including the related litigation, also of arbitral nature. BC also has a highly specialized expertise in the areas of TMT, Sports & Entertainment, with experience acquired over the years by assisting some of the main international groups operating in these sectors.

Schiavello & Co Studio Legale is a legal atelier, with operative base in Rome, highly specialized in banking, finance and economics law. The firm – founded in 2015 by Giuseppe Schiavello – is now a market benchmark in the management of complex structured finance transactions (securitizations of financial and commercial receivables, performing or NPL, CMBS, trade finance and supply chain finance transactions, real estate securitizations and real estate transactions and acquisition finance) and in the development of value solutions dedicated to top tier clientele, composed of banks, funds, companies, digital entrepreneurs, startups and innovative SMEs.